Photo Credit: Travis Taber

"As an artist, it is my responsibility to create work that reflects the times in which we live and I strive to make dances that honor humanity and challenge deep-rooted, systemic issues.  When I delve into subject matter that directly connects to my perspective as an African American, a woman and a mother, I subsequently develop choreography that unmasks its global relativeness. 

 I am deeply committed to the use of dance as a medium to expose the vulnerability of the human spirit.  Possessing the ability to move the body in ways that directly relay a specific message is both motivating and rewarding. In an effort to create an eclectic, dynamic and ever evolving movement language that more effectively communicates the intention of my work, I merge the codified modalities found in ballet and traditional modern dance with tap, hip hop and various styles of contemporary dance connected to the African diaspora.


All of my work is developed through cohesive collaboration with dancers, composers and filmmakers.  While the impetus for each new work originates with me, the process of building the piece involves intricate and profound input from all participants. I am fascinated with the use of live music in performance and I often search for inventive ways to create studies that provide improvisational challenges for both the musicians and dancers. I also create spaces that allow the audience to serve as active players in the performative experience. My intention is to establish a body of work that viewers can relate to on a profound and intimate level, while simultaneously inciting discussions that initiate change."